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What's a Gamebook?

Gamebooks are pick-a-path adventure stories where YOU are the heroine!

A gamebook is not like a regular fantasy book that you read cover to cover. Instead, a gamebook puts YOU in the role of the heroine!

At the end of each section, you’ll be given a choice of what to do or where to explore next. Depending on which choice you make, you’ll be asked to turn to a page somewhere else in the book.

Many choices you make will lead to exciting new places filled with wonder and danger. Other choices will reveal magical treasures you can use to overcome monsters, traps, and evil magic.

Some choices along the way will test your ability to weigh different options or remember important lore, with poor decisions leading to the unhappy end of your adventure!

Gamebooks can be played alone or with a friend, sibling, parent, or teacher.


The dragon opens its glowing maw and roars! Rubble falls from the ceiling. The goblins scatter, leaving behind their crude pikes and wooden shields. Piles of gold coins and magical treasures shift under the dragon's enormous claws.

Sweat drips beneath your winged helmet. You only have a moment before the ancient beast bathes the entire cave in roiling fire...

If you raise your enchanted shield to protect yourself, turn to page 12. If you hurl your silver spear at the dragon, turn to page 34.

What's a Dungeon Crawl?

The stories published by Trident Gamebooks are called dungeon crawls. In these adventures, you play a heroine in a medieval fantasy world. This world is filled with strange magic, fearsome monsters of legend, and ancient relics left behind by your ancestors.

You’ll go down beneath the surface, making your way through dungeons. These are deep, dark places like crypts, caves, mazes, temples, and even entire underground cities.

Danger creeps around every corner. Monsters of all sorts — dragons, skeletons, slimes, beasts, and other mean things — hunt you from the shadows. Traps like spike pits, shooting darts, swinging blades, and magic symbols lie hidden. Even nature itself plots against you, with cave-ins, poison gas, and hissing lakes of fire blocking your way.

It’s worth it to brave the danger. If you’re careful, clever, and lucky enough, hoards of treasure await: piles of glittering gold and gems, forbidden spells, magical wands and potions, enchanted swords, and other rewards beyond imagination!

Young woman in dark armor holding a skull lantern in a bloody demon dungeon
When reading a gamebook, you'll venture into many dark and dangerous places. Illustration by Natalie Bernard.

Read a free gamebook

Curious about fantasy adventure gamebooks? Read Trial of the Wolf Girls for free right now!