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Online course

Choice Design in Solo Adventure Gamebooks

Learn how to design engaging, challenging choices for solo adventure gamebooks. A self-paced, activity-based online course offered through Storytelling Collective.

Tomb of the Everstar Sisterhood

Descend into an ancient Elvish tomb and find your place among a long-lost sisterhood of knights. The first in a series of solo adventure gamebooks for readers ages 8-12.

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Blank Gamebooks & Idea Journals

Each blank gamebook and idea journal can be used to create your own pick-a-path fantasy adventure story! Makes a unique gift for a young reader, writer, or fantasy gamer.

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Other releases

Online Course

Laying Out Your Solo Adventure Gamebook Using Adobe InDesign

Learn how to create a professional-looking interior layout for a gamebook. A self-paced online course offered through Storytelling Collective.

Free Gamebook

Trial of the Wolf Girls

Enter the enchanted and eerie Forest of Masks to light the Torch of Queens and earn your very own magical wolf companion! A free mini-gamebook for readers ages 8–12.

Free Gamebook

The Coiled Crown

A dark fantasy solo gamebook in which you explore in a ruined medieval world in search of an ancient queen's crown. Inspired by games like Dark Souls, Mortal Shell, and Blasphemous.