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Trial of the Wolf Girls

A challenge of bravery and spirit

It is your birthday, and you are finally old enough to attempt your village's most sacred rite of passage: the Trial of the Wolf Girls. Those who complete the Trial are no longer just girls—they become fierce warrior-princesses sworn to defend their homes and take care of nature.

Enter the enchanted and eerie Forest of Masks, where strange creatures and forgotten magic dwell. If you can overcome the dangers of the forest and light the Torch of Queens, you will join the honored ranks of this ancient sisterhood and be rewarded with your very own magical wolf companion!

Choose carefully, young warrior, and heed the wisdom of the Mother Druid and your older sisters—this gamebook contains 9 unhappy endings but only 2 good endings!

PDF, Paperback
Adobe Stock, Teresa Guido
Recommended Ages
Content Advisories
Mild Fantasy Violence
Release Date
October 2021

Preview image #1 for Trial of the Wolf Girls View preview image #1 for Trial of the Wolf Girls

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