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Testament of Malice

Testament of Malice is a collection of one hundred traps designed for use with any dark fantasy adventure roleplaying game.

The entries in this book are split across ten categories representing the most iconic traps found in classic dungeon crawls:

  • Pit traps
  • Boulder traps
  • Blaster traps
  • Pendulum traps
  • Gas traps
  • Juggernaut traps
  • Summoner traps
  • Portal traps
  • Gem traps
  • Sphere traps

Some traps in this book stand alone as encounters in their own right, while others are intended to play a supporting role in challenges where another threat takes center stage. Some traps are outright lethal, while others present the players with more narrative setbacks. Many traps test the players on battle tactics and resource management, while others present the players with an opportunity to roleplay with one another.

Use the traps in this book as they appear or as inspiration for traps of your own devising.

Character Level
Level —
Recommended Ages
16 and up
Content Advisories
Blood and Gore, Fantasy Violence
Felicia Cano, Brandon Reinert
Release Date
January 2019

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